stillabozo said: WAIT WHY DOES YOUR ASK LINK GO TO COCKDEMOI. You are sufficiently confusing me. At first I saw you ask Catt a question and I was like 'oh hey look lindsey god a new url cool.' Then I clicked the url and I was like "OMFG WHAT WHEN DID I UNFOLLOW LINDSEY." And so I went back in your archive and I see "BOOM NEW BLOG" and I was like 'oh cool' So I click "ask" to tell this story and I get linked here. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY BRAIN WOMAN?



realized this


it’s my new blog

i’m sure everyone who wanted to follow has already followed

but just in case

that’s where i am



Oh BTW, tumblr I found some journals you might like.

Oh BTW, tumblr I found some journals you might like.

Horror movie victim?

Horror movie victim?

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A Very Harold&Kumar 3D Christmas

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boom. new blog.


previously cockdemoi.

who was then previously linzeigh.

so you know, mixin’ it up.

be my friend again.


click that link

and go to that page

and whatnot

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